The cannabis game. Trick or treat?

The due date for legal marijuana in Canada draws near. Yet credible information is hard to come by, while the hard-sell promotion of marijuana abounds.

Who can Canadians trust when it comes to information about medical and recreational marijuana?
Where are the balanced points of view that aren’t profit driven or spewed by radicals on both sides of the spectrum?
What do unbiased scientists say about the proven or potential medicinal benefits and how marijuana affects our bodies – for better and for worse?
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Promises and persuasion

Purveyors of pot can tell some pretty tall tales. But those radically opposed aren’t much better.
Fantastical stories about the “evils” of smoking weed and eating hash are over the top.
That’s harmful because we tune out when we should be paying attention.
Alarming concerns about the highly vulnerable brains of children and young people seem to have vanished in the haze.
Before we start handing out magical medical gummy bears, maybe we should take a look at the science.  
Let’s at least take a listen to what scientists have to have to say – on both sides of the equation.


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