Extra dose of CBD helps the medicine go down

An extra dose of CBD combats the negative side effects experienced by some people who take cannabis, according to a new study by the Australian Research Council and published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, April 2018.

It’s the first time CBD has been tested in a prolonged clinical trial involving otherwise healthy cannabis users.

Study participants added 200 mg of daily oral CBD while they continued using cannabis as usual.

Considered by the researchers as a “medium dose,” the CBD came in 50-mg gelatin-coated capsules taken four times a day.

Beneficial changes in psychological symptoms correlated with high levels of CBD in the blood.

Significantly fewer depressive and psychotic-like symptoms were reported relative to the start of the clinical trial.

Measurable improvements in memory and the ability to “pay attention” were also reported.

Euphoria normally experienced when smoking cannabis was reduced.

The majority were daily cannabis users who had used cannabis for several years.

The researchers concluded that:“Together with our previous findings suggesting protection of brain harms by CBD, the current data provide hope that even if cannabis users do not cease to use cannabis (during) interventions for cannabis dependence, adjunct treatment with CBD may minimize any further harm from continued use.

The researchers advise caution in interpreting the results of the study, as it was not placebo controlled.

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