Fatty acid hurts PTSD healing

Brand new research shows that if the body’s Anandamide levels can be prevented from falling, PTSD treatment may be more effective.

Anandamide is the human cannabinoid that’s sometimes called the bliss molecule.

The study shows that putting stress on the brain can cause a drop in Anandamide levels.

On the other hand, protecting the brain from stress causes Anandamide levels to go up.

The culprit causing the levels to fall is  a fatty acid called FAAH.

The FAAH  hits parts of the brain involved in fear extinction, which means it’s nearly impossible to completely forget the  cary or terrifying events that led to the PSTD.

Stopping FAAH from degrading or destroying Anandamide may boost treatment for PTSD and other stress-related psychiatric disorders, according to the study.

The research team was led by a group of Swedish scientists.

Also on the team were a Cornell University (New York) researcher and University of Calgary medical researchers, including Dr. Matthew Hill, a cannabis-research pioneer and vocal advocate for medical marijuana.

The research findings were published today in the August issue of medical-research journal  Molecular Psychiatry.

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