Clinical trial in UK aims to confirm CBD as treatment for psychosis

CBD has long been suspected as a possible treatment for psychosis and schizophrenia thanks to multiple studies at universities around the world.

Now, a large clinical trial led by medical researchers and physicians at King’s College London seeks to affirm the potential of CBD as a treatment for psychosis.

The study comes on the heels of a smaller clinical trial that successfully treated patients with a 600-mg capsule of CBD daily for three weeks.

“CBD has emerged as a promising candidate as it displays anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic like properties in animals and humans.”

A recent landmark study previously  showed CBD had “strong beneficial effects in patients with schizophrenia.” 

“A significant reduction” in symptoms after just six weeks of treatment with CBD was also discovered.

dawn sunset beach woman

Expected to take about four years to complete, this larger clinical trial, will “test whether CBD treatment will actually be useful in providing symptom relief.”

Mount Sinai School of Medicine psychiatry professor Dr. Yasmin Hurd told American Journal of Psychiatry that CBD may prove to be an effective long-term medication for schizophrenia, either on its own or as an effective adjunctive treatment that reduces the required dosages of antipsychotic medications (and their related side effects).

The findings of another recent study completed by King’s College this past fall showed that individuals who had not yet been diagnosed with psychosis but were experiencing distressing psychotic symptoms, responded to a single dose of CBD, which helped reduce abnormalities in brain function.



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