Mounting evidence that cannabis is good medicine for MS

A new study out of Rome says that cannabinoids may control symptoms such as chronic pain, muscle stiffness and paralysis in people suffering Multiple Sclerosis.

Cannabis extracts may even protect the brain from FURTHER injury, accordingly to the new study published in the scientific journal Progress in Neurobiology.

“A wealth of preclinical and clinical data proved that cannabinoid-based medicines reduce spasticity symptoms in MS and also in other neurodegenerative diseases, the study said.

This paper supports other research, such as a study by Colorado State University into how cannabis extracts may help MS patients.

Immune system and cannabinoids

Spain and Texas medical researchers also reported on the possible role of the endo-cannabinoid system in MS.

Published by the British Society for Immunology, the study found “significantly elevated” levels of CB2 receptors in the immune system of MS patients.

After being treated with interferon therapy, the patients showed a significant reduction of receptors in the brain and spinal cord within six months to one year of interferon treatment.


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