First clinical trial to test CBD for heart failure

A heart clinic in Nuevo León, Mexico is planning the first clinical trial to determine the safety of CBD in patients who’ve survived heart failure.

The study will be led by Guillermo Torre-Amione, Professor of Medicine at Cornell University in New York.  It is expected to begin in Sept. 2019 and be completed a year later.

The research is sponsored by Instituto de Cardiología y Medicina Vascular Hospital Zambrano-Hellion Tec Salud in the Mexican state of Nuevo León.

Over the past 17 years, multiple experimental studies have shown that cannabinoids may be beneficial in serious heart conditions.

A 2017 study led by researchers from Central Queensland University found that cannabinoid receptors could be potential new targets for the treatment of cardio-vascular disease caused by diabetes.  (BioMed Research International, October 2017)

In 2000, a study published in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that when CBD was applied to heart-muscle cells, it reduced inflammation as well as thickening and scarring of heart tissue.

The study included physicians and PhDs from multiple universities, including Harvard Medical School, as well as cannabis-research pioneer, Dr. Ralph Mechoulam.

Animal research has also shown that stimulating CB2 receptors boosted the heart’s ability to withstand damage to the heart muscle that can cause blockage of a coronary artery and heart attack.

A study conducted at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland showed that CBD may protect heart tissue damaged by a type of chemotherapy used in breast cancer. (Molecular Medicine, January 2015)

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