Can THC Cure Obesity?

“Cannabis use appears to reverse the impact of the modern American diet …

A deficiency of the body’s endocannabiniod system has been clearly linked to obesity for the first time, says an article in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, Dec. 2018.

It says that:

Higher-than-normal levels of the anandamide have been discovered in people suffering treatment-resistant obesity.

Reduced metabolism and increased hunger are the result of overloaded and overstimulated cannabinoid receptors.

THC rather than CBD is key to reducing energy storage and increases metabolic rates.

“vidence suggests that, in the United States, many people may actually achieve net health benefits from moderate Cannabis use, due to reduced risk of obesity and associated diseases.”

The over-production of anandamide and 2-AG is believed to be caused by high levels of omega-6 fatty acid compared to omega-3 fatty acid in the body.

The research was led by the Thomas M. Clark, PhD, et al, Department of Biological Sciences, Indiana University.



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