Lives Extended When CBD Added To Brain-Cancer Treatment

No evidence of disease progression for at least two years

CBD is being credited for improving the quality of life and possibly extending it for two patients diagnosed with a deadly form of brain cancer, according to research out of Brazil published in Frontiers in Oncology, January 2019.

CBD capsules were added to the patients’ treatment regime, which included chemo-radiation, it said. 

Remarkable remission”

The article notes that one of the patients saw a “remarkable remission in altered areas of the diseased brain.”

And both had a positive response to the treatment, with no evidence of disease progression for at least two years.

No significant effect on liver or heart

CBD did not significantly affect liver or heart functions, said the article.  

The researchers said:

“Even with the prolonged use of CBD, the two patients did not develop any significant alterations in blood counts/plasma biochemistry.”

They said the patients had few symptoms of fatigue and nausea and were able to maintain their usual work and play sports during their treatment.

Both patients used vaporisers to inhale THC-rich cannabis flowers to reduce chemo-radiation side effects in their first year of treatment.

The research was led by:

Paula Baseggio Dall Stella and Marcos Vinicius Calfat Maldaun, both of Sirio Libanes Hospital, São Paulo, Brazil.

Case Report: Clinical Outcome and Image Response of Two Patients With Secondary High-Grade Glioma Treated With Chemoradiation, PCV, and Cannabidiol was published in Frontiers in Oncology. 

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