“Beneficial Effects” of CBD in Schizophrenia

The first placebo-controlled clinical trial affirming the antipsychotic properties of CBD found it has “beneficial effects” in patients with schizophrenia and could potentially be a new class of treatment for the disorder, according to an article published in the American Journal of Psychiatry (May 2018).

Patients who received CBD had minimal adverse effects, including weight gain.

Schizophrenia patients treated with CBD experienced lower levels of psychotic symptoms and were much more likely to be rated as “improved” and not as “severely unwell” after just six weeks of treatment.

The findings are consistent with other studies that used CBD an an adjunct to traditional antipsychotic medications.

Another clinical trial testing CBD as a treatment for psychosis is now underway, led by medical researchers at King’s College London.

Renowned American psychiatry professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and member of the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF MEDICINE, Dr. Yasmin Hurd, told the American Journal of Psychiatry (March 2018) that the clinical trial led by King’s College London found that:

“Multiple studies of cannabis users show, for example, that recreational users of high-CBD cannabis strains experience less psychotic-like symptoms.”

“Additionally, CBD attenuates the acute psychotic-like effects of THC ad-ministration in healthy volunteers.”

“Preclinical studies have demonstrated that concurrent CBD antagonizes THC- induced cognitive and behavioral abnormalities commonly associated with schizophrenia.”

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