Inhaling Cannabis Opened Airways in the Lungs; New England Journal of Medicine, 1973

The same year U.S. lawmakers started ending prohibition


“Marihuana smoke, unlike cigarette smoke, causes broncho-dilatation rather than broncho-constriction and, unlike opioids, doesn’t cause central respiratory depression.” New England Journal of Medicine, 1973.

The FDA-approved study involved nine participants and found that airways in the lungs were expanded by 44% among eight who inhaled cannabis with a 2.6% THC concentration.

Boston University School of Medicine and University College Dublin

The two physicians conducting the study in 1973 went on to achieve among the highest professional status in Medicine.

Emeritus Professor at University College Dublin, Muiris X FitzGerald, is a former Dean of Medicine at the university.

Boston University School of Medicine’s former chair of Psychiatry, Dr. Louis Vachon, practiced for 52 years as a psychiatrist and last year died just shy of his 85th birthday.




















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